What’s a Peak Shaving BESS?

A peak shaving BESS is a clever way to drastically reduce power bills and consumption.
Heaps of business owners are looking for ways to save on energy bills. As the price of power rises and rises, the imperative is to find a reliable and affordable solution. Century Yuasa is committed to innovative energy storage systems. We’re experts at helping customers benefit from a variety of money saving methods, including peak shaving BESS.

What is Peak Shaving?

It’s just not viable to go 100% off-grid for many businesses. Most managers and owners can tell you, the biggest charges on company power bills come from operating during peak times. During the hours when the power utility knows energy will be more highly consumed, they charge the highest tariffs. Peak shaving is the technique of reducing your power expenditure during those hours. When you do so, your power bill is reduced, since suppliers determine your fees based on your maximum peak load.

How Does Peak Shaving Work?

 A Battery Energy Storage System can be designed, installed and programmed specifically for your power requirements. We can use statistical analysis of your use in peak and off peak times to work out the optimal program for your needs.  Your power use will vary over different days and seasons. All of that is taken into account when programming your BESS to shift the bulk of your power use to off peak times.

  • The BESS usually charges overnight when electricity prices are at their lowest.
  • The BESS can be programmed to switch to the stored energy when your load gets to a set figure or at certain times.
  • Either way, when you’re using a lot of energy and during peak times, the system will draw from the stored energy instead of the grid.
  • Should you require energy beyond what’s stored, the system shifts back to drawing from the grid.

So you’re never left without power, you’re just buying most of it at a more convenient time.
If you’d like to know more about peak shaving and Battery Energy Storage Systems, contact us at Century Yuasa.