What sets the Nano-carbon Deep Cycle VRLA Battery Apart?

Technological advances in batteries have come ahead in leaps and bounds allowing for longer lifespans and more reliability. But what’s going on inside a nano-cabon deep cycle VRLA battery that makes it so efficient?
Advanced VRLA batteries contain nano-carbon particles in the plates to give more efficient charging, low risk of sulphation (allowing continuous operation at less than 100% SOC) and higher capacity retention during the battery life. They’re designed for use in large energy storage and remote renewable power applications where frequent charge/discharge cycles are encountered.
The technology allows in excess of 5,000 deep discharge cycles, delivering in excess of 7 MWHrs of total throughput from a single 2V cell. Because of this very high total throughput, it’s possible to assemble large energy storage systems with just a few parallel strings. That makes management of string current imbalances very easy, extending the life of the BESS even further and dramatically reducing the system footprint.

Battery Types Compared

While all of our batteries are safe, durable and offer a long-life, many industrial and commercial businesses now prefer the Advanced VRLA.

Cyclic High Energy


Advanced Nano-Carbon technology has superior deep cycle performance, long cycle life and is deployed in high capacity cyclic cells for a variety of large energy storage applications. The modular unit design provides easy installation and reduced site space. Modular unit construction has front facing terminals for easy maintenance, even in large energy storage solutions.

Cyclic High Power


Yuasa manufacture the range of LIM series lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries for industrial high power short duration applications, including railway, telecommunication and stationary energy storage systems. Globally, the LIM series batteries have earned an excellent reputation based on their performance, technology and reliability.



Since 1984, the Yuasa UXL series battery has a benchmark reputation as a very reliable power source for standby applications. These batteries are designed to meet the growing request for longer life and higher reliability with demonstrated 15 plus years in field use.
No matter what battery type is best for your application, Century Yuasa will always insist on using the Yuasa range of batteries due to their superior technology and reliable performance. Get in touch via the ‘contact’ page to find out more about our batteries.