Top 5 Reasons Engineering and Design is so Important

When it comes to energy systems and storage, no one design will work best for every application and location. At Century Yuasa, we find some of the most important work we conduct occurs weeks before anyone begins a system installation. It starts with our designers and engineers and a thorough site assessment. Whether you’re after a new system or upgrades a repairs to existing ones, our engineers know exactly what to look for to ensure you get the best results for the longest time.
Here are the top five things we consider when preparing to design and engineer a system:

1. Power needs 

We look at two important things when it comes to your power needs: how much power will be required and for how long. Will you need a high output for a short period of time or a sustained output over a longer timeframe? We don’t just consider your needs now, but also into the future as well.

2. Site orientation 

This is particularly important for solar and wind arrays. Finding the best orientation for your energy systems will help you to generate the optimum power, while the right positioning of your energy storage systems will help to protect them from overheating. The location of the energy generating equipment in relation to the load is important too, as the further apart these are, the more we have to compensate for power losses that naturally occur as energy travels down power lines.

3. Space and access 

In the case of a solar system for example, we need to make sure there’s enough room in the right place for the array to get suitable sunlight. We also look at the best position for the hut which would house your battery energy storage. Each site will need to have the systems placed in the right orientation. It will also need appropriate access for the installation crew and any subsequent maintenance personnel.

4. Weather proof

The Australian climate can be pretty harsh, especially for batteries that work best in temperatures under 25°C! Our engineers consider the conditions of your local climate to design systems that are best suited to withstand what mother nature throws their way. 

5. Safety first

It takes experienced professionals to design energy generation and storage systems that are powerful, yet safe. If nothing else, having your own systems specifically engineered for your site, needs and conditions means you’ll also have systems that are safest for your site.
Every system we install has been specifically engineered and designed for the location and application. If you’d like to know more about the best energy systems and storage for you, get in touch with the team at Century Yuasa.