The Top 6 Benefits of Off-Grid Power for Commercial and Industrial Applications

Off-grid power and energy systems are built to allow your business to operate independently of the electrical grid. These stand-alone systems allow you to generate power on-site from renewable sources and store it for later use. Many telecommunications and media companies use off-grid power to support their systems, especially in remote locations. Off-grid power systems are also very useful for businesses that use a lot of power or those that have very specific power needs.
Here are the top six benefits of Century Yuasa’s off-grid power systems:

1. Save money

If your power bills have been driving you crazy, off-grid could be a viable solution for you. Businesses can choose our modular design option so it’s easy to upgrade and maintain a system at minimal cost down the track. That way, when you want to add more load, instead of purchasing a completely new system, you can just add on what you need. It also means you’re only ever replacing the required components when it’s time for maintenance.

2. Eco friendly

Everybody already knows renewable energy is great for the planet. But did you know we can recycle 100% of your used battery components during maintenance visits too? That makes the Century systems some of the greenest around.

3. Plenty of power

Century Yuasa’s off-grid power systems are designed and engineered to provide more than enough power for your needs. During our early consultation with you, we’ll work out exactly how much power you’re going to need in future and the ways in which you use it. Our designers then apply their experience and skill to planning the perfect solution for you.

4. Where you need it

The problem for anyone trying to operate a business in a remote location is access to infrastructure. When you have an off-grid system designed and installed by Century, not only can you set up almost anywhere, it will be built specifically to fit your site’s landscape, weather and other unique challenges.

5. More affordable

The equipment required to build and maintain an off-grid system is now more affordable than ever before. Prices are likely to remain affordable as off-grid product advances are made and things like solar panels become cheaper and battery lives are extended through use of technology like nano-carbon.

6. Reliable power

Own your own stand alone system and you won’t have to rely on the electrical grid ever again. You have more control over your power investment and more predictable costs. Maintenance and most repairs can be conducted without any interruption to your supply when you have a well-designed, modular, off-grid system from Century Yuasa.