Six Things Your Can Do to Take Care of Your BESS

If you’ve had a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) it’s important to take care of your investment. You’ll get the best value for money out of a system that is well maintained and protected. While we can’t stress enough just how important it is to leave the electrical work to the qualified professionals, there are some simple ways you can help your BESS perform at its best for longer.

1. Keep it Clean

You can remove dust and debris that isn’t in contact with any electrical components. Remember to only use a plastic duster or plastic brush, never anything that is wet or that has a metal handle or components. If any electrical components are dusty or covered in debris after a storm, book a professional to come and safely remove them.

2. Keep it Ventilated  

BESS operate best at 25 ˚C. Overheating causes your system to perform poorly and if left unchecked can result in fire. Never leave battery cabinet vents or batteries covered and make sure they’re uninhibited in any way. Keep an eye on any cooling systems installed and if there appears to be a fault in their operation, call an expert to fix the problem.

3. Keep it Dry

If your system’s been installed properly, it should be in a location that’s shielded from storms and floods. Sometimes the unexpected still occurs, so it’s important to consult a professional for advice should it look like your BESS is going to be flooded or subject to rain, snow or hail.

4. Keep an Eye on Deterioration

A regular visual check (without touching any components) of the system is a good idea for keeping your BESS at its best. If you should happen to see anything that looks out of the ordinary, such as a fraying wire, you can call in the pros to fix it before it becomes a bigger problem.

5. Keep the Pests Away

Wildlife, vermin and insects can cause all sorts of problems for BESS. Check regularly for signs of unwanted visitors. If you need to lay traps by all means go ahead, but sprays, cockroach bombs and other flammables should not be used around your BESS. If you see something that’s directly affecting components – like a hornet’s nest being built – don’t DIY, get a professional to handle it safely. 

6. Keep it Maintained

It’s a great idea to have your maintenance checks scheduled in advance. At each check, make sure you book in the next one so you never forget and leave it too late. Remember your batteries will need replacement when their calendar life or discharge limit has been reached. Other components will last longer but of course will need replacing from time to time.

Our experienced team engineers, designs, supplies and installs BESS for all applications. Our maintenance services are second to none, so if you have any concerns about taking the best care of your BESS for the long term, contact us at Century Yuasa.