8 Key Design Elements for Power Systems

One of the most important aspects of getting your power systems built right is the design phase. What works for one location and application may not work for another. The designers at Century Yuasa have eight important things they keep in mind when designing every single system.

1. Safety First

Risk reduction and duty of care are always number one on our design team’s list. We ensure full compliance with relevant safety standards and regulations and regularly go above and beyond these standards to make sure your team is protected from hazardous events.

2. Power You Can Count on

Reliability is vital for each and every component of your power system. We only use parts that have been tried and tested to the highest standards. Century Yuasa’s equipment also meets all international specifications for EMC and other types of electrical interference.

3. Maintenance Made Easy

Reliable products also mean lower maintenance costs for you. Even batteries with the longest lives still need replacement eventually, which is why we recommend a check up every six months. The modular approach to our designs allows for low cost replacement of electronic components, normally without any disruption to supply.

4. Reduced Running Costs

The Century Yuasa designers have the experience and know-how to create systems that use the lowest possible amount of electricity, saving you money. Put technically, the high efficiency of the latest switch mode rectifiers and high efficiency power conversion switch mode technology allows for reduced running costs.

5. Upgrade Anytime

Some designers create systems that are hard to upgrade. So what happens when you add load that wasn’t originally planned for? The Century Yuasa designs can be modular, making it possible to upgrade at minimal cost and often without disruption to your supply.

6. Quick and Easy

Our components are made and stocked in Australia and they usually come complete with delivery, installation and commissioning. The equipment is compact and with a single small footprint so it can be easily integrated into your premises. All you need to do is supply AC power close by.

7. Always Amped

A great design means no power down time. Century Yuasa’s DC UPS are intended to be powered continuously with no off period. Maintenance and upgrades can be completed without any power down, especially if this work is carried out by our expert Technicians.

8. In the Know

Monitoring is standard on our systems. They’re also designed to be network ready with integrated SNMP and web page access, meaning you’ll always be in the know about how the system’s performing.
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