Intelepower DC Power System

The Intelepower DC Power System is a modular solution, that can be scaled for industrial and solar applications, and is available as a X Only System, or a Dual X/Y System. This Australian designed and manufactured solution utilises the reliable AGM batteries from the GS Yuasa range.

  • 01 Technical Features
  • Technical Features


  • Input 120VAC or 400VAC
  • Output 125VDC, 24VDC
  • Control system can be access on-site or via remote connection
  • Rectifier modules are hot pluggable to reduce / prevent down time during maintenance
  • Battery test points enable individual load testing, without interrupting the power supply

Critical Alarm Monitoring

  • Rectifier Fail
  • Rectifier Major Fail Count
  • Urgent AC Mains Fail
  • Distribution CB Alarm
  • Battery CB Alarm
  • Charger Output CB Alarm
  • High Voltage Alarm
  • Low Voltage Alarm
  • Battery On Discharge