Intelepower Battery Charger

Intelepower can design a modular battery charger to suit your needs. Battery size and type dictates how much voltage or current is required and for how long.  Intelepower battery chargers are built with modular switch-mode rectifiers (SMR). Powered by a common VDC backplane, these modules are hot-pluggable. In the event of a failure, a rectifier can be switched out while the battery charger remains live. All SMR modules are governed by a System Controller (SC). In the event the SC fails, the SMR modules will automatically switch to ‘fail safe’ mode, keeping the load supported until the SC is replaced.

  • 01 Technical Features
  • Technical Features


  • Three phase AC input
  • Single phase AC input
  • 220VDC, 125VDC, 48VDC, or 24VDC Output
  • Single X system
  • Dual XY charger system with Bus Tie
  • VRLA batteries