Upgrade Solar System and Increase Capacity

When it was time for one of Australia’s leading telecommunications and media companies to upgrade their power supplies, they chose Century Yuasa for the job.


When it was time for one of Australia’s leading telecommunications and media companies to upgrade their power supplies, they chose Century Yuasa for the job. The objective was to increase the capacity to allow for future growth. Ordinarily a job like this would be routine for the Century team.
No-one could predict wet weather conditions would cause lengthy road closures around the job site. During this time, Century Yuasa maintained ongoing and clear communications with the suppliers, logistics and client. Once given the all clear after flooding subsided and roads and the site reopened, our specialists acted fast to have the technology delivered and installed safely on site.
Works were completed in the timeframe set by the client, who now benefits from a more reliable and affordable power supply.


  • Site analysis and planning
  • Design and engineering of systems
  • Install new solar panels
  • Install solar array adaptor kits
  • Install solar hybrid power system
  • Install AC-DC power conversion rectifiers
  • Install solar regulators
  • Install controllers and battery charger
  • Install 2V batteries with 72-hours reserve
  • Test systems


Century Yuasa was engaged to upgrade solar systems with new ones that would allow for reliable growth. After consultation with the client, we found the best solution for their needs was a solar hybrid system. These systems don’t just generate energy from the sun’s rays hitting solar panels, they also store energy in batteries for later use. Energy can be stored both from solar panels and from the grid during off peak times. When their solar panels aren’t getting sunlight but the system still requires energy to run, it switches to using the battery reserves before drawing from the grid. This system was chosen to give the client the most reliability while saving them on power bills by reducing their need to draw from the grid during peak times.

While the project was delayed due to flooding, Century Yuasa and the client kept up regular communication. We also kept the suppliers of components informed and updated on the road closures. Our team adapted the project timelines to everyone’s satisfaction once roads opened again.  When we could access the site, the Century Yuasa team designed a state of the art solar hybrid power system to support consistent supply to the business. Our expert installation crew were keen to get moving on the project and were able to act quickly to complete the delivery and connection of components.
The Century Yuasa team were able to address any challenges that arose, including;

  • Delays to site visit and subsequent system design process
  • Inability to take delivery of system components
  • Adapting timeframes to suit unforseen circumstances
  • Communicating updated timeframes to suppliers, transport and the client 
  • Expediting processes while maintaining safety and quality standards

Century Yuasa has the resources, experience and knowledge to complete even the most challenging projects within budgets and timeframes. Most importantly, the batteries and systems we supply and install are reliable.