Upgrade site structure and capacity for future growth

Australia’s telecommunications and media companies are growing; as their businesses experience greater demand, the demand for more power increases.


Australia’s telecommunications and media companies are growing; as their businesses experience greater demand, the demand for more power increases. That’s why when one of Australia’s biggest providers wanted to prepare their business for future growth, they called in Century Yuasa’s experts to ensure reliable, future-ready supply was installed.
While unforeseen delays in structure construction meant we were unable to start work on the agreed date, allowances were made to complete the project outside of time and without any penalties. Reliable, state of the art equipment was successfully installed without interruption to the client’s business.
Works were completed in the newly agreed upon timeframe, and now the client benefits from a reliable system that is prepared for all of the demands the future will bring.  


  • Site analysis and planning
  • Design and engineering of systems
  • Install HCLOD and LOD distribution
  • Install AC-DC power conversion rectifiers
  • Install controllers and battery charger
  • Install 2V battery 48V system
  • Test systems


Century Yuasa was engaged to upgrade a site structure and increase power capacity to prepare for the future growth of one of Australia’s telecommunications and media providers. During consultation with the client, we determined we needed to allow for 11.2KW growth. Century Yuasa’s team conducted a thorough site assessment to determine any specific needs to consider in the design and engineering process. A system upgrade with a new dual plane VLPS, complete with controllers, rectifiers four battery strings with one-hour reserve was designed to provide enough reliable power.
As sometimes happens, unforeseen delays in structure construction meant system upgrade work couldn’t begin on the originally agreed-upon dates. Once the structure construction was completed, we were able to renegotiate project timelines with the client. The new timelines were met with ease thanks to our team’s experience and knowledge.
The completion of works ensured the site was prepared for the predicted future growth requirements with backup reserve available to handle the load. Century Yuasa installed reliable equipment to site and are capable of providing resources and knowledge for future site updates and augmentations.
The client now has peace of mind that their power supply is ready to stand up to the demands of their growing business.
The Century Yuasa team were able to address any challenges that arose, including;

  • Communication with the client to negotiate a schedule update
  • Ensuring the systems will cope with future demand
  • Allowing for easy system upgrades, maintenance and repairs

Century Yuasa has the resources, experience and knowledge to complete even the most challenging projects within budgets and timeframes. Most importantly, the batteries and systems we supply and install are reliable.