New Foundations and Solar System Upgrade

Century Yuasa has vast experience supplying and installing energy solutions for telecommunications and media companies in Australia.


Century Yuasa has vast experience supplying and installing energy solutions for telecommunications and media companies in Australia. So when one of the industry leaders needed an upgrade to their site structure and battery energy storage capacity in Batavia Downs, they called on our expert team.  

The objective was to design and construct a solar array with sufficient battery storage support to allow for future needs. Before the solar systems could be installed, we needed to remove the existing foundation and construct a new substantial foundation to support the technology. During site inspections we found possible asbestos and or asbestos containing materials. The remote location also presented some logistical challenges. 

Despite the isolated location and challenge of working without disturbing asbestos, Century Yuasa was still able to successfully complete the project to deadline and with the highest standards of safety. 


  • Site analysis and planning 
  • Design and engineering of systems 
  • Supply and install:
    • BP Solar arrays 
    • Solar H24 frames
    • Hanwha Q.PRO-G4 265W solar panels
    • Solar hybrid controller
    • Solar regulators
    • Rectifiers
    • Batteries
  • Test systems 


Century Yuasa was engaged to prepare solar systems at Batavia Downs for predicted future growth requirements. The client also wanted a backup reserve available to handle the additional load of 696W (total load = 3545W). The goal was to upgrade the site foundation and structure, supply and install new components to handle increases in power capacity while retaining and existing components that were of use to the client. 

Batavia Downs is a homestead on the banks of the Lydia Creek in northwest Queensland. It’s around 1290km east of Darwin and 1960km south-southeast of Brisbane. In certain weather, the site can become completely isolated. When planning this project, our team had to consider seasonal weather and logistics of transporting equipment and personnel to the remote site. 

No matter how well you plan, unexpected challenges can always arise. In this situation, it was during site audit that our inspectors identified possible asbestos and or asbestos containing materials. Safety is paramount on all of our projects, so a strategy and plan was devised to ensure no asbestos would be disturbed during the works. We maintained clear communication with all external contractors to ensure that construction was completed before our technicians installed the solar and battery technology. Century Yuasa installed reliable equipment to site and met the original project timeline.

The Century Yuasa team were able to address any challenges that arose, including; 

  • Adjusting plans to work without disturbing asbestos  
  • Transport and logistics for remote site 
  • Planning around weather conditions  
  • Communications with a remote site 

Century Yuasa’s experts are capable of providing resources and knowledge for future site updates and augmentations, even in challenging situations. Most importantly, the batteries and systems we supply and install are reliable.