Install UPS in a Flood-Prone Area

The last thing a public service call centre needs is a power supply interruption.


The last thing a public service call centre needs is a power supply interruption. That’s why one of Australia’s most prominent centres called on Century Yuasa to provide a reliable system for their facility. The objective was to keep the call centre online and install this system without interruption to business.

While these kinds of installations are common for our team, the site presented two main challenges: lack of space and a flood prone location. A complete site assessment provided the information needed for our engineers to design a bespoke solution.

Works were completed in the timeframe set by the client, who now benefits from a system that keeps the call centre supplied with power even in the event of a mains power failure.


  • Site analysis and planning
  • Design and engineering of systems
  • Design, engineering and build of plinths and walkway
  • Construction of secure fencing and gate
  • Install new UPS inverters
  • Install sub-rack and batteries
  • Install AC-DC power conversion rectifiers
  • Install controllers and battery charger
  • Install vented battery cabinets
  • Test systems


Century Yuasa was engaged to install an uninterrupted dual DC and AC power supply to a public service call centre. Alongside consultation with the client, we conducted a thorough site assessment to determine their specific needs. A system was designed to provide more than enough reliable power, to fit in the limited spaces available and mitigate flooding risks.

Our team manufactured two uninterruptable power supply AC and DC combined systems. A custom-built set of plinths and a walking platform were installed to support the battery equipment safely in one car space of the ground-level car park. These were constructed with adjustable feet to cater for the slope in the floor as well as flood levels. The UPS/48V rectifier systems were integrated upstairs in the existing coms room, without the need to consume two offices in the process.

The technology our team used has been installed in similar call centres around Australia. It has proven to be very reliable for other clients over the last few years, so we were able to offer the client peace of mind that their power would be uninterrupted even in cases of a mains failure. The systems are also easy to maintain and spares are readily available, offering added reassurance to the client.   

The Century Yuasa team were able to address any challenges that arose, including;

  • Customising a solution to suit a flood-prone site
  • Ensuring the systems fit in limited space  
  • Allowing for easy system upgrades, maintenance and repairs

Century Yuasa has the resources, experience and knowledge to complete even the most challenging projects within budgets and timeframes. Most importantly, the batteries and systems we supply and install are reliable.