INFILL Live Work

Keeping the power running smoothly during an upgrade of legacy systems sure is a challenge. Luckily, it’s one the team at Intelepower tackled without interruption to service for the customer.


Upgrading legacy systems while the system remains in live status requires an acute understanding of power systems, site infrastructure, system design and project management. Century Yuasa meets these requirements using industry best practice and compliance to all national standards.

A typical Infill project will require the replacement of existing legacy systems and where possible, Century Yuasa will use existing assets to reduce the project costs. Site audit inspections and investigation of relevant reports before the project commences is paramount to identifying issues and reducing overall risk.

Using the typical analysis tools, Century Yuasa is able to assess, plan and deliver quality cost effective solutions while enabling the client to continue business as usual.


  • Environmental Considerations
  • Site Access
  • Remote Area Community Awareness
  • Network Hazards Analysis
  • Contact Response Plan
  • Work procedures and instructions
  • Fall back strategy
  • Battery Management Plan
  • DC safe work procedures and cut-over
  • AC safe work procedures and isolation requirements
  • Low Voltage Electrical Work
  • Asbestos Assessment
  • Live Electrical Work Procedure
  • Logistics


During the initial assessment, Century Yuasa will review all documentation relevant to the project including the structural report, scope of works, SLDs (AC, DC and Earthing), equipment layout
and the asbestos report before commencing any project works. Any queries about the design or any changes to the allocated equipment will be consulted and agreed apon between the parties prior to

Century Yuasa will provide a standard procedure that seeks to capture all potential hazards and risks associated with carrying out project work. Key activities are identified, asssessed and appropriate
risk management controls are implemented, in consultation with any affected stakeholders.

The following activities is an example of a typical Infill live work project after all the compliance and diligence requirements have been met;

  • Remove any legacy rectifiers and associated rectifier sub rack modules.
  • Install power core shelves into existing legacy racks and controller shelves.
  • Install High Efficiency rectifiers.
  • Install and commission new battery racks and associated batteries.
  • Install new 4 way panels configured as A + B plane distribution.
  • Extend all relevant alarms to the Alarm System IDF.
  • Install all the required earth cabling to conform AS3015 standards.
  • Any new batteries and rectifiers will be installed in accordance with the vendor’s guidelines.
  • Update any database to reflect changes to the power system and associated equipment.

All projects are reviewed on completion to identify process improvements and cost efficiency. Photos and images are captured and provided to the client for their records and any outstanding issues are responded to.