Doonan SLR1000 Residential BESS

After one power outage too many, this energy-conscious customer decided it was time to go off-grid in style. The state-of-the-art BESS delivers all the power the customer needs for their residence.


In the quiet leafy hills of Doonan in the foothills of the Noosa Shire, a residential property owner committed to a battery energy storage solution after losing power to his premises one too many times.

The site was already well developed sporting established gardens, pools, tennis courts and existing solar for the main house. The team at Solaron worked with the client to assess their power consumption needs and future expectations. A Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) was discussed and a design was agreed to using the Century Yuasa SLR1000 Advanced VRLA batteries.

Solaron completed the groundwork for the 30kW PV solar array including the civil works, land clearing and communication network. The BESS storage shed was designed and constructed by Solaron and the BESS power electronics were assembled with the support from Century Yuasa.

The success of this project can be attributed to the great relationship between the project owner and installer, Solaron and Century Yuasa who provided the battery experience needed to deliver this large quality residential system.

Working with Solaron


  • Contract and project management
  • Ground and civil works & installed the solar array and panels
  • Ground and civil works for the battery shed
  • System integration, testing and reporting
  • Battery and DC system installation


  • SLR1000 batteries and racking
  • Engineering design for DC board and wiring
  • DC power board fabrication
  • Battery and DC system installation


Solar Array 
Array Size39kW Ground Mount & 17kW Roof Mount
Cell Type285w MonoCrystalline
Total Number of Cells199
Max Power Rating45kW Nominal
Inverter TypeSMA Sunnyboy 8.0
Inverter Configuration3 Phase
Batteries UsedYuasa 48V SLR1000-2
Total # of Strings6
Total Usable Energy (kWh)144
Total Capacity (Ah)6000
Nominal Voltage (V)48
Cycles to 50% DOD5500