Our Team

Our experienced, expert team are continually innovating; engineering new power systems, upgrades to installed systems and evaluating and maintaining existing power systems. We apply their in-depth knowledge and extensive experience to engineering and supplying the most technically sound solutions. We’re committed to providing the lowest possible ‘life cycle’ cost while applying the principles of:


  • Compliance: Consistently supplying products or services that apply all necessary industry standards and regulatory requirements.
  • Knowledge: Providing commercial and technical proposals which are based on established practices of uninterruptible power design, construction and maintenance to meet clients’ specifications.
  • Integrity: The delivery of a complete and balanced offer that combines the principles of compliance and knowledge.

Our Clients

Intelepower is the preferred contractor to a diverse range of clients. Many of them are operating large capital network infrastructures. These networks include telecommunications carriers, electricity, rail and water industries, where reliability of power for critical applications is paramount. As a leading supplier of DC power and UPS systems in the Australian market, Intelepower always delivers quality assets that don’t fail.

Health and Safety

Intelepower by Century Yuasa has maintained ISO certification for the design, manufacture, support and installation of power solutions for over two decades. We take your health and safety seriously, so all of our products and services are delivered to the best standards available.


  • Certified ISO14001 Environmental Management
  • Certified ISO9001 Quality Management
  • Certified AS/NZS 4801 Safety Management System
  • All National Standards and best practices