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When a wild storm sent a tree smashing into an exchange wall, it damaged power systems for one of Australia’s premier telecommunications and media companies. The Century Yuasa team had to act fast. During a storm, more people than ever need their phones to contact emergency services, but the telephone system for the entire area simply couldn’t work without power.
Century has been providing services to telecommunications systems in Australia for 30 years. Our team is known for fast, responsive and safe work, even in the most challenging situations and environments. Due to the extent of the damages, a lot of equipment needed to be removed and replaced with new components. There were dangerous hazards and safety considerations to manage too. We also needed to coordinate efforts with the client’s building team to ensure timely completion of the project.
Despite the challenges of the project, once appropriate approvals had been received, the Century Yuasa team was able to complete our on-site work in two days.


  • Supply and install temporary switchboard
  • Supply and connect batteries 12V
  • Supply and fit blanking panel kit
  • DC power system replacement
  • Meter panel supply and connection
  • Supply and connect lights
  • Supply and install air conditioner
  • Connect circuit breakers
  • Connect main switchboard


As soon as damage to the exchange was reported, Century Yuasa set to work. The first step was to have maintenance operation protocols and hazards reviewed. After a week, approvals were complete and we were on site. The team’s imperative was to work safely and quickly as possible.
The next stage was to install a temporary 12-way AC switchboard in the equipment room. Then we supplied and installed the SP18, air conditioner, lights and a new double GPO in the equipment room. The team had to disconnect the existing main switchboard from the meter panel and connect a 12-way board to the meter panel. We cut-over the existing DC power system onto the new SP18 and removed the existing DC power systems, DC distribution panel and associated DC circuits.
The client’s builder made repairs to the building and existing main switchboard along with any damage made to the existing electrical circuits. Finally, the Century team was able to reconnect the existing main switchboard to the meter panel and recover temporary services including 12-way AC switchboard. Then we connected the SP18 supply to the existing main switchboard. The last step was to reconnected the lights and air conditioner in the equipment room back onto the existing main switchboard circuits. The on-site works were complete within two days.
Century Yuasa operates efficiently and effectively. Our organised teams have the knowledge to deal with difficult situations and solve problems quickly. We’re committed to developing new products and setting new standards in design and performance to offer the best product and service available for our customers.