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What do you do when a power supply is sitting in a flood prone location? That was just part of the challenge set for Century Yuasa by a public service call centre. The call centre was expanding from three to seven desks and needed an upgrade to accommodate the change.  Due to the nature of the business, it was vital to ensure no interruption to supply as the Century team installed a dual back-up battery system and uninterrupted power supply (UPS). 

Century takes safety very seriously, so the first thing our designers and engineers considered was the best location for the project. Unfortunately, the existing equipment room did not have any more useable space to allow the installation of a dual system. Since the property was quite prone to flooding, the system could not be placed on the ground floor of the building. Once a safe design was created for the chosen space, the dual system was successfully installed without any disruptions to the call centre operations. 

The client was most impressed with the ingenuity of the system’s new structure, the capabilities of the installed equipment and the workmanship of the Century team. 


  • Design and construct system housing
  • Installation and cutover of equipment 
  • Supply and install Bravo Inverters
  • Supply and install Bravo Rectifiers
  • Connect Century UXL330-2 Batteries (48V Battery System and 240V UPS)


Century Yuasa began the project with a complete site assessment, during which we determined the best location and solution to the customer’s challenges. In light of the flooding issue and limited space within the building, a prefabricated structure was mounted on 1-metre-high footings. Once installed, this allowed the dual system to continue to operate safely and uninterrupted at the lowest possible price for the call centre. 

Whilst installation and cutover of the equipment was to take place, there could be no interruptions to the call centres system of operations. So installation and cutover of the equipment was achieved by wiring the system to the A&B distribution boards which were then directly wired to the individual desks. On a rotatory basis, each desk was systematically cutover to the new dual supply. During this process, the call centre was able to operate business as usual. 

Century Yuasa’s bespoke assessment, design, engineering and installation experts ensure every project is completed to the highest standards of performance and safety. Our teams have the experience and knowledge to solve the most difficult problems, while our state-of-the-art products are always being improved-upon and upgraded so we can offer our customers the best results at competitive prices.