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Century Yuasa Batteries (CYB) are expanding our DC Power system capabilities into the industrial Battery Energy Storage market (BESS). To demonstrate our competancy in this field, where else would be better to trial this technology than here at the head office and factory in Queensland.

The initial goal is to develop and install a working BESS system at the CYB factory. This will be a live and operational system designed to;
  • reduce the peak factory energy consumption profile and hence reduce our electricity bill. It will also be used as a demonstration system for potential standby customers.
  • provide interfaces allowing local and remote display of energy consumption and related savings (such as large screen local LCD display and potential web interface allowing customers to log on and see a system in action). This will be a valuable sales tool for these systems.
  • provide a test bed for Engineering to evaluate and develop system architectures, software controls and interfaces for future research and development activities.

The system architecture includes the following components:
  • 110 kVA Bi-Directional Inverter
  • 115 kVA Coupling Transformer
  • Initially configured with a 76 kWHr Battery Bank (3 Strings), to be replaced later with a 360 kWHr Cyclic Battery to test our Advanced VRLA battery products
  • 1000 VDC Distribution Board
  • Proprietary Battery Management System
  • Interconnection Protection Relay
Nominal Voltage L-L VAC 230/400
Line Frequency Hz 50
Nominal Battery Voltage VDC 720
Nominal Battery voltage kW 100
Nominal Energy kWHr 77
Nominal Energy Delivery Time Hr 3
Minimum Depth of Discharge % 50
System Round Trip Efficiency % 77
Total Lifecycle Throughput Whr Initial installation - 4,063,500
Battery type   Initial Installation - 3 Strings PWL100FT
Coupling Transformer kVA 115
Coupling Transformer Type % 5 Limb, Star Primary, Delta Secondary,
Electrostatic Shield 1:1
Coupling Transformer Impedance % 5.5
Coupling Transformer Mechanical   900H x 800W x 700D
500 Kg

DC Input    
Minimum Battery Voltage VDC 700
Maximum Battery Voltage VDC 1000
AC Output    
Rated Output at up to 40oC kVA 110
Rated Output at 50oC kVA 99
Nominal Output at 50oC VAC 400
Nominal Output Frequency Hz 50/60
Power Factor Range   +/- 1.0
Current Distortion % <5
AC circuit Breaker   42 kA Interupt rating
Performance Data    
Efficiency (Max Estimated) 96.7%  
System Heat losses (Approx.) <10 kW  
Mechanical Data    
Ambient Temperature Range 0 to + 40 C  
Relative Humidity 0 - 95% non  
Environmental Protection IP21  
Cooling System Air Cooled  
Estimated Size (W x D x H) 1900 x 600 x 2290  
Weight (approx.) 500 Kg